What Condition Is Your Home In?

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Canon Inspections, LLC is a leader in home inspection services in the Pearland, TX area. We will inspect your home from roof to foundation to look for structural issues, broken fixtures, weather damage and more.

We encourage homeowners or prospective buyers to tag along with us during the inspection. We'll explain what you need to know about the property and tell you what we're looking for at each step.

Learn the ins and outs of your home so you can take good care of it. To schedule a home inspection in the Pearland, Texas area, call 713-614-1912 today.

3 reasons to schedule a buyer's home inspection

3 reasons to schedule a buyer's home inspection

Are you interested in purchasing a home? Reach out to Canon Inspections, LLC for a buyer's home inspection in Pearland, TX or surrounding areas. We can:

  1. Give you a professional evaluation of the property
  2. Inform you about work that needs done
  3. Help you determine the value of the property
We also work with Realtors. Ask about our REI 7-5 report and real estate inspection report services in Pearland, TX.

Call 713-614-1912 today to schedule a buyer's home inspection.